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What Is Sexual Harassment At Work?

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Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment is a serious issue. In fact, the research discovered that 38 per cent of women had been sexually harassed at work (National Center for Biotechnology Information). It is, however, a gender-neutral crime that affects a variety of sectors.

Every person has the right to work in a safe environment, regardless of race, gender, age, or religious affiliation.

Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers provides free legal consultations to anybody who has been the victim of workplace sexual harassment or assault by a superior or coworker. Please keep in mind that we consider “harassment” and “assault” to be equivalent when it comes to these kinds of conduct in the workplace.

This page explains what constitutes sexual harassment behavior in the workplace, as well as the distinction between harassment, assault, and unethical behavior.

What Is Workplace Sexual Harassment?


Sexual harassment in the workplace is any kind of unwelcome request, behavior, or sexual advance based on gender or sex. It is a type of sex discrimination that generates an intimidating, hostile, or uncomfortable working environment and violates both state and federal laws.

Types Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace


Sexual harassment can take many forms, ranging from unsolicited verbal comments to non-verbal communication and physical contact in the workplace. Employers can be held accountable under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for two distinct types of sexual harassment committed by their employees. Quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile work environment sexual harassment are two types of sex harassment in the workplace .

  • Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

     – A quid pro quo is an ancient Latin expression that means, “this in return for that.” In the context of sexual harassment, a supervisor, manager, or executive stating an employment opportunity on the condition that a subordinate employee agrees to sexual advances, contact, or behavior is known as quid pro quo harassment. This might take the form of an open offer (e.g., “I’ll give you a raise if . . .”), or it may be inferred from suggestive language or conduct that indicates the superior is willing to provide a job opportunity if a subordinate or applicant “offers” a sexual favor.

  • Hostile Work Environment

     – When instances of harassment, which may be difficult to establish alone, are widespread enough that they make an employee uncomfortable returning to work every day, it constitutes a hostile working environment. Harassment does not have to be motivated by a quid pro quo in order for it to be unlawful. For example, if an employee is subjected to unwanted sexual advances or receives abusive emails and texts from a coworker (or several coworkers), this may be considered as creating a sexually hostile work environment.

Regardless of the circumstances, if you believe you were sexually harassed or concerned that a loved one may be a victim, you should get help quickly. At Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers, we defend victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and one of our attorneys will be happy to speak with you in person or on the phone in complete privacy.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace , call us now at (888) 310-2470. We can schedule a free and confidential consultation with a knowledgeable harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. Call us immediately or request a free consultation online now to talk with a harassment lawyer in confidence at Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers.

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Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, And Sexual Misconduct: What’s The Difference?

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassments is a type of gender-based discrimination. It is a civil rather than a criminal offense, and it is most common in the workplace. Unwanted attention, comments, demands, or sexual conduct are all examples of workplace sexual harassment.

Examples of Sexual Harassment

Harassment is more verbal in most cases, although it may also include uninvited touching, bumping, stroking, or pinching. In the workplace, there are several examples of sexual harassment:

  • Sending sexually explicit photos, emails, jokes, or videos
  • Making sexual gestures
  • Unwanted hugs or shoulder massages
  • Whistling or catcalling
  • Staring in a suggestive manner or looking a person up and down
  • Blocking a person’s walking path or walkway
  • “Accidentally” brushing up against a person
  • Asking questions of a sexual nature
  • Sharing unsolicited information about your personal sex life or activity
Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault refers to unwelcome physical contact of a sexual nature. However, in order for an occurrence to be considered assault, it is not required that one’s body comes into touch with another person’s body. We’ll delve more into this issue later in the chapter when we look at examples.

Unsolicited, intentional sexual contact or behavior using force, intimidation, or authority in any setting is referred to as assault. It has a higher level of consequence than sexual harassment or misconduct and is subject to strict domestic violence laws in Los Angeles.

Examples Of Workplace Sexual Assault
  • Sexual assault can occur with and without sexual contact, including when a coworker or boss:
  • Engages in sexual activity against your will, whether it’s through physical contact or not.
  • Penetrates without consent any part of the survivor’s body, whether vaginal, anal, or oral.
  • Sexually coerces the survivor by guilting, obligating, threatening, or manipulating him or her into sexual activity.
  • Exposes him or herself with the intent to gratify self or offend the survivor. Federal law does not consider this sexual assault; however, it is a crime in California under the Indecent Exposure Law.
  • Masturbates in front of another when it is not welcome, similar to the Indecent Exposure Law where the survivor is forced to witness unwanted exposure.
  • Uses drugs or other substances to impair a survivor to compromise his or her ability to consent to sexual activity.
Sexual Misconduct

sexual misconduct refers to any type of sexual behavior that is not welcome and/or appropriate in a professional setting. It can occur both on and off the job site. Misconduct covers any behavior that a reasonable person would find inappropriate in the workplace, whether it is requests for favors, advances, slanders, insults of a sexual nature, or any other sort of improper conversation.

It’s possible that inappropriate conduct can’t technically be characterized as either sexual harassment or assault, but it may be deemed sexual misconduct if it isn’t specifically one or the other. It’s usually less than assault but more than harassment.

Examples Of Sexual Misconduct In The Workplace

When a coworker or employer sexually harasses another employee, it might include any of the following examples:

  • In exchange for a pay raise, she or he may demand sexual favors of any kind.
  • Repeatedly invites a worker out, even though he or she has been denied.
  • Insults a person with sexist or degrading language, as well as remarks about clothing or appearance.
  • Sends emails to workers that contain sexually explicit language, images, or jokes
  • A letter that is perceived to be threatening may result in a fired, deported, or low-paying job.
  • When a worker doesn’t want anything to do with it, he or she is touched, rubbed, or caressed.

These outrageous behaviors not only hurt the victim, but they also put their job in jeopardy. Sexual harassment, assault, and misconduct create an oppressive work atmosphere, detract from productivity levels, and negatively impact team morale and attendance.

Sexual Harassment In The Military


Military service is an honorable thing for both males and females to perform. Unfortunately, it has become one of the most investigated workplaces in recent years due to mounting allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse. On the one hand, it indicates that survivors are stepping forward; on the other, it suggests that the abuse is still widespread.

In 2016, 14,900 service members were sexually assaulted (U.S. Department of Defense). One in four women and one in three men were assaulted by someone in their chain of command.

It’s not just that most of us are ignorant about what to do if we are sexually assaulted in the military. Furthermore, 58% of military survivors faced reprisals or retaliation for reporting the events, and one in four military sexual harassment/assault victims attempted to leave as a result. Unfortunately, little can be done in a civil (non-military) court for active military or veterans right now.

However, if you are a current member of our armed forces and were assaulted by a 3rd-party contractor while on duty, there may be options available to you. You may learn more about your alternatives by meeting with our staff. The conversation is confidential, free, and without any obligation to file a lawsuit.

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Los Angeles Employer Obligations


According to Los Angeles and federal laws, employers in all settings have the responsibility to ensure their workplace is free of sexual misconduct and assault at all times. If an employer is aware or should have been aware of sexual harassment or assault but does nothing about it, the firm may be held accountable.

Employers in Los Angeles must ensure that their employees, as well as those connected with the company, are safe at work by:

  • For businesses with 50 or more employees, we propose that all new employees be required to take two hours of interactive sexual harassment training every two years.
  • Fully investigating all complaints and paying for the costs of negligent litigation
  • Making sure that workers, managers, and supervisors are aware of the organization’s sexual harassment training, policy, and evaluation is critical.
  • Having a secure grievance procedure so that workers may bring concerns to light
  • Communicating to staff that neither sexual harassment nor assault is acceptable and offenders will be dealt with harshly.
  • Prohibiting employer retaliation against workers who report violations

Unfortunately, a recent study by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (U.S. EEOC) revealed that “75 percent of those who spoke out against workplace mistreatment faced some form of retaliation.”

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, workers who spoke out against workplace injustice were three times more likely to suffer a negative consequence than those who remained silent. – EEO CO

It is unlawful to fire someone for reporting sexual harassment at work or any other type of misconduct or assault. The goal of the attorneys at Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers is to protect people who have been silenced or are afraid of being penalized for reporting sexual misconduct.

Please contact Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers today if you’ve been assaulted or harassed and don’t know where to go. You may reach out to us at any time and we will respond in a timely manner. Our consultations are totally confidential and non-binding, so you’re not obligated to do anything or file a lawsuit after your phone conversation is finished.

Contact Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyers at (888) 310-2470 if you have been subjected to sexual harassment. Our sexual harassment lawyers handle all types of sexual harassment cases on a contingency basis. That means we do not get paid unless and until we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

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Act now for a free consultation from our top-rated legal team to discuss any rights or compensation that you may be entitled.

We will fight to get the maximum compensation owed to you for your injuries and losses.

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